Sensory Soakings

I just returned home from teaching for two weeks in my my favorite venue – Hot Springs, North Carolina. I love the mountains, the shades of green and, at this time of year, the brilliant shades of autumn – orange, red, yellow – all perfect in autumn’s glorious beauty. It’s a twelve hour drive home to South Florida and my husband and I left Hot Springs in early afternoon, reveling in the fall of light snow (the first snow of the season) but an hour later we were enjoying brilliant sunshine, blue skies, beautiful scenery and a pallet of glorious fall colors in which we delighted in for several hours. Then came clouds and winds. But as we approached South Georgia the clouds dissipated, the sun reemerged and we had the pleasure of watching a magnificent sunset as we hit the Savannah’s.

We arrived home to South Florida in the dark and starlit sky of early Monday morning.

Of course, bed and sleep were our first priority. But then this morning, it was my bath that was my first priority.

For over two weeks I have been missing my bath …I mean really missing.
Of course I was groggy when I awoke to this beautiful sunny and cool Florida morning – I expected to have one of those days where my energy is just so/so while I recoup, but instead, sitting in my bath, I was filled with inspiration and desire, to move on percolating ideas, get things into motion, grateful for the glorious shades of nature.

I love the natural beauty of the mountains, I find a spiritual comfort there… but the solace of my ‘constitutional’ mineral bath is as much a source of my emotional centering.

Just loving being here… and loving life.

Anne Bramham