Healthy Planet, Healthy People...

In their book ‘Spontaneous Healing’ authors  Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman argue that contrary to long held beliefs,  our fate is not cast in our DNA but by the environment that surrounds our cells. In other words, our health and wellbeing is largely influenced by personal habits and self care. 

At one point in the book co-author Bhaerman bluntly states: “It’s the environment, stupid!” and while the author’s statement seems a bit aggressive, even rude, it also carries with it some good news: 


And while the authors’ thesis offers another explanation and confirmation of our inner world, it is not a new concept. It was Claude Bernard, a 19th century French physiologist who first postulated on the ‘Milieu Interieur’.  Referring to the fluid body that represents more than two thirds of our physical composition, Bernard wrote: “The stability of the internal environment is the condition for the free and independent life”.

Bernard was referring, of course, to the quality of the primordial ocean in which our approximately 50 trillion cells reside. Our cellular ocean strives to maintain a pH (acid and alkaline) balance that supports each individual cell while the pH of our skin acts externally as a protection against  micro-organisms and internally to prevent degenerative disease.  

Most chronic disease including diabetes, arthritis and acid reflux are acidic based – and avoidable. .  

To enjoy a long life of health and wellbeing we are best served by a healthy pH balance.  

Our motto at EMA is ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People ‘ and over the next few weeks we will be posting a series of blogs that explore healthy habits we can practice – from seaweed baths to healthy practices which embrace EMA’s  all natural, holistic approach to health and wellbeing. We want you to learn more about us and — we want to learn more about you and in my next blog I will discuss EMA’s highly personalized approach to health and wellbeing. 

Anne Bramham

Anne Bramham