Your Nature. Your Constitution.

We are all different in different ways but we share one thing in common: We look and feel our best when we are nourished, balanced and fortified by the elements that support our inherent nature. “Take a few moments and complete the ‘Your Nature…Your Constitution’ quiz. Your responses will indicate what ‘constitution’ best describes you.

While each of us is composed of the same elemental matter, our constitution is largely determined by how we process and utilize the biochemical elements of which we are composed. The athletic, assertive MESO requires ample amounts of the elements that will support their competitive nature while the thoughtful, introspective ECTO is fortified by the elements that support neural and intellectual activity. The outgoing ENDO, on the other hand, is best served by elements that rejuvenate and support their creative, social nature.”

1) Under emotional duress, are you more likely to

(A) Withdraw

(B) Deal With it and Move On

(C) Reach Out to Others

2) Are you

(A) Idealistic

(B) Optimistic

(C) Realistic

3) Do you consider yourself

(A) An Independent Type

(B) A Leader

(C) A Team Player

4) What’s most important to You

(A) The Big Picture

(B) The Goal

(C) The Plan of Action

5) Are You

(A) A Light Sleeper

(B) An Early Riser

(C) Someone who loves to sleep late

6) In groups are you

(A) Observant

(B) Outspoken

(C) Congenial

7) What physical characteristics best describe you?

(A) Long & Lean

(B) Athletic Shoulders

(C) Curvaceous

8) What facial characteristic best describes you?

(A) High Forehead

(B) Wide Cheekbones

(C) Round Face

9) When it comes to eating, what best describes you?

(A) Often skip meals

(B) Practical & Disciplined

(C) Savor and take comfort in Food

10) When it comes to exercise, what aspect do you most enjoy:

(A) The opportunity to clear your thoughts

(B) The opportunity to compete (with self or others)

(C) The opportunity to visit with others