Over a long, gratifying career in the world of touch, aromatic essence and natural elements, one of the most important things I’ve learned is we are not apart from nature.We are a part of nature. A microcosm of the macrocosm, our planet is 70% water.

And so are we.

Just as the earth’s expansive network of living oceans, deltas, rivers and streams make all life possible, our inner ocean of interstitial fluid, blood vessels and lymphatic networks nourish and support our cells.

Like the oceans of the world and the stars in the sky we are composed of the same chemical elements of all creation. Magnesium, iron, phosphorous and a host of other cell building elements pulse through our veins and it is in this organic, life sustaining ‘matter’ our physical – emotional body is cleansed and irrigated, nourished and sustained.

Drawing on the most abundant nutritive source on the planet – our oceans’ vegetation – coupled with the aromatic synergy of essential oils, Earth Matters skin and body care remedies are pure, holistic expressions of nature’s restorative powers.

Cleansed and re-mineralized, our skin grows softer, more supple. Fortified, we look and feel more vital. Our voice grows stronger. Inside and out.

Join us on the journey to your essential self.

A lifelong student of nature’s healing potential, British born Anne Bramham is a formulator of natural, organic skin care and a teacher of touch. Her constitutional approach to health and wellness has been adopted by top spa-wellness destinations throughout the US.


a harmonious dance… in rhythm with nature.

our earth friendly ingredients and practices include

– Organic, wildcrafted essential oils
– Organic, wildcrafted sea plants
– Wildcrafted seaweed mineral bath
– No animal testing
– No ingredients derived from animals
– GMO free
– Natural preservatives
– Recyclable packaging (glass, clay, paper)
– Artisan hand thrown clay pots and bottles
– Eco friendly labels
– Minimal carbon footprint.
– Minimal printed material

artisan clay vessels

Our limited edition, artisan hand thrown clay containers by New Hampshire potter Wendy Walter are as attractive as they are practical. The perfect vessel for Earth Matters bath and lotions, they look great and make for a special, thoughtful gift. Watch and enjoy Wendy’s ‘throwin’ video (above).

nature gently reminds us

For best results we recommend the use of Earth Matters remedies as part of a daily practice that includes a healthy diet, exercise, lots of laughter and a deep appreciation for the matter that sustains you – Mother Earth.